Pro 5000 Airbrush Kits

The look of the Pro 5000 compressor is compact, sturdy and functional, and considered to be much more heavy duty, which suits makeup professionals.

The system is fit to cover a larger area, suitable for body makeup or body art.

glambox airbrush

Highlights of the New GlamBox Pro 5000 Series:

• Higher PSI function (up to 40 PSI)
• Power saving automatic sleep mode feature
• Bigger gun cup capacity (with lid)
• Compact design and built in handle for ease of transport

About the Compressor:
Power: 1/6 HP Auto stop at 40 PSI
Working Pressure: 10-40 PSI Noise Level: 45 DB (low noise emission)
Weight: 2.7 kg Dimension: 160x150x175mm

GB_gunEquipped with a very fine needle to product an even spray pattern that’s specifically effective for natural looking makeup.

About the Gun:

Working Pressure: from 15-50 PSI (pounds per square inch)
Nozzle: from 0.2-0.3mm
Control: Push Button, two way device that controls the air and liquid color flow independently of each other
Cup Capacity: 7CC, bigger cup to accommodate more foundation and also has a cover to prevent spillage when spraying.
Airhose: 1×1.8m (6feet), airhose is also made of sturdy material.

There are 3 kits featuring the Pro 5000 compressor:

glambox airbrush

The Pro 5000 Starter Kit, P19,500 (includes: 1 foundation, 1 cheek color and 1 thinner/cleaner)

glambox airbrush

The Pro 5000 Deluxe Kit, P22,800 (includes 10 bottles)

glambox airbrush

The Premium Pro 5000 Kit, P27,500 (includes 16 bottles)