Airbrush Makeup Colors

GlamBox Airbrush Cosmetics offers a range of basics to professional essential airbrush makeup colors. The GlamBox Airbrush Makeup Line includes a range of silicone-based colors, which are featured in the GlamBox Airbrush Kits, and a water based colors line, which are recommended for eyeshadows and body art. The

GlamBox Beauty Studio also sells ElementTwo airbrush color products.  For more details, click on the links below.

The GlamBox Airbrush Colors produces a flawless, streak free and evenly distributed coverage.

Glambox Airbrush Cosmetics

Deluxe Kit Colors

The GlamBox Airbrush Makeup Line:

  • Is silicone-based so it easily fills in pores and fine lines.
  • Dries immediately and is water-resistant to sweat or tears.
  • Is long lasting so it does not smudge off and does not need to be touched up the whole day.
  • Is an HDTV (High Definition Television) makeup line so it is ideal for video and photo shoots.
  • Is very versatile. It can be used to contour and highlight facial features. It can also be used to airbrush the body for coverage and for sunless tanning.

GlamBox Silicone Based Colors (Essential Basics)

The main airbrush makeup line of GlamBox Airbrush Cosmetics, these colors come with GlamBox’s airbrush kits. These colors are water resistant and tear proof, lightweight, lasts all day, and are very versatile. Creates a naturally flawless finish.

GlamBox Silcone Colors currently comes in: 5 foundation colors, 3 cheek colors, 2 luminizers (highlighters), and 3 adjusters.

Glambox Airbrush Cosmetics


Foundation, P890


Luminizers, P890


Adjusters, P980


Blush, p750


Thinner, p300

GlamBox Water Based Colors (for eyeshadow and body art)


Clockwise: Alabaster White, Amarillo Yellow, Caribbean Blue, Midnight in Paris (Black), and Mexico Red – 30ml, P750 each

GlamBox also has a range of more colorful water based colors, recommended for the eyeshadow area and for creating for face and body art. Available in 5 basic colors, which can also be combined to produce other colors.

Available in 5 color basics (30ml, P750 each):

Alabaster White

Midnight in Paris (Black)

Amarillo Yellow

Caribbean Blue

Mexico Red

GlamBox Thinner/Cleaner


GlamBox has 2 types of thinner and cleaner products, one is formulated for silicone based colors (comes in 30ml and 120ml bottles) and the other is suitable for water based colors.

Use to create a thinner texture for colors or to clean the airbrush gun after use. Aids in removing airbrush makeup residue from the airbrush gun.

THINNER and CLEANERS available:

30ml Thinner and Cleaner for Silicone Based Colors (P300)

120ml Thinner and Cleaner for Silicone Based Colors (P1100)

30ml Cleaner for Water Based Colors (P300)

ALSO AVAILABLE: ElemenTwo Skin Harmony Colors + H2O Infusion (Moisturizer/Sealer)

GlamBox Beauty Studio also sells the ElemenTwo Primer (Moisturizer/Sealer) and Skin Harmony Colors, which is part of a range of water-based airbrush makeup line.


L-R: H2O infusion P1050 (30ml), Skin Harmony colors – Chocolate, Aquamarine, Pink Cherry, Palm, Onyx, Olive and Isabelline P600 each (10ml)

The Skin Harmony colors are water-resistant, long-wearing, lightweight and breathable, these oil-free formulas provide a natural and flawless finish for every skin tone and skin type.

The ElemenTwo H2O Infusion is a lightweight moisturizer that maintains the skin’s ideal level of hydration. Apply before foundation as a primer, or airbrush a fine mist over your makeup for a dewy finish.