GlamBox Airbrush Cosmetics

GB_GwenGlamBox Airbrush Cosmetics is a premium Asian makeup brand, specializing in airbrush makeup systems.  It is an easy, fool proof system specifically designed with the aim to ease makeup professionals and makeup enthusiasts alike to the world of airbrush cosmetics.

Why GlamBox Airbrush Cosmetics?

In the past, airbrush systems have been expensive, complicated, intimidating and hard to find. Now with GlamBox Airbrush Cosmetics, professional looking airbrush looks are within reach and just as easily achieved.

Airbrush makeup need not be complicated.

GlamBox’s Airbrush Kits are specifically created to be compact, handy, and really easy to use, so you can concentrate in perfecting your art, instead of dealing with machine technicalities.

GlamBox Airbrush Cosmetics has been effectively used in various commercial shoots and events due to our product’s HD formulation.

Industry pros can truly attest that despite our kit’s compact appearance, it gets the job done!

Compact + Ease of Use = Professional Results

This is what we are about.

So feel free to discover the world of GlamBox Airbrush Cosmetics!