Let’s Review: Our Foundation Colors

Let’s Review: Our Foundation Colors 101!

The GlamBox Makeup Line currently comes in: five foundation colors, three cheek colors, two luminizers, three adjusters and thinner/cleaner.

International professional brands have a similar silicone-based formulation that is widely preferred by makeup professionals.

Today, we’ll review our foundation colors to aid you when looking for the best color match for you or your client.


Our 5 Foundation Colors:

  1. Florence is a light beige shade with yellow undertone. Florence is currently our lightest shade.

  2. Barcelona  is a medium beige shade with reddish undertone; recommended for more “tisay” complexions

  3. Milan is a medium beige shade with a yellow undertone. This shade is in between foundation colors Florence and St. Tropez.

  4. St. Tropez  is a dark beige shade with yellow undertone.

  5. Ibiza is a darker tan shade w/ a yellow undertone. This shade is currently the darkest in the GlamBox foundation line up and is suitable for Asian “Morenas”

All our foundations can be mixed and matched. We encourage you to experiment and play with different tones to get the best skin tone match for you and your clients. We also recommend using our Adjusters, we have red, white and yellow adjusters, which will also help you adjust colors towards different undertones to achieve a better color match.

All our colors are sold separately at P890 each (30ml)